Our Values

Honesty. Integrity.  Courage.  Fairness. Pro-Business.

Market Entry Partner Values

Honesty. Integrity. Courage. Fairness. Pro-Business.

Did you know that the MEP team has more than 75 years of experience in international trade? We have lead businesses and other entities following these values are honesty, integrity, courage, fairness, a sense of duty to our business partners, customers and the community.

We want to give you the confidence that we will continue to uphold these cherished values. We want to make you proud of being part of MEP, whether you make our test and read our materials, participate in our events, work for us or with us – or support us through a partnership.

MEP listens to its users and partners in an effort to maintain an open relationship and gain an understanding of their concerns, business experiences and beliefs.

By responding to challenges such as COVID 19 by promoting scalable digital services and assistance to struggling businesses, we hope to demonstrate our integrity. We also pledge to maintain resource criticism with our tools and articles.

MEP is committed to treating its users and partner with dignity and respect, sharing information and keeping its fees in moderate level.

Pro Business
MEP has a strong sense of duty, especially to the aspiring SME companies, striving to become more international. We are passionate about assisting our users and partners to achieve greatness and pay it forward to the society surrounding them.