What does a submarine captain have to say to a business leader? A lot, it seems. Your words matter more than we tend to think. Regardless of your business field, this book offers insight how to continuously develop your communications. The book pledges to empower your people and put your team on a path to continuous improvement.
The times of simply following orders are hopefully over, even in companies where workers have traditionally worked with their hands and managers claim to have worked with their heads.

What you learn:

· How to avoid the seven common sins of questioning, from binary questions (should we do A or B?) to self-affirming questions (B is the better option, right?)

· Why you should vote first, then discuss, when deciding on a plan with your team, rather than voting after discussion

· Why it’s better to give your people information instead of instructions

– Control the clock, don’t obey the clock: Pre-plan decision points and give your people the tools they need to hit pause on a plan of action if they notice something wrong.
– Collaborate, don’t coerce: As the leader, you should be the last one to offer your opinion. Rather than locking your team into binary responses (Is this a good plan?), allow them to answer on a scale (How confident are you about this plan?)
– Commit, don’t comply: Rather than expect your team to comply with specific directions, explain your overall goals, and get their commitment to achieving it one piece at a time.
– Complete, not continue: If every day feels like a repetition of the last, you’re doing something wrong. Articulate concrete plans with a start and end date to align your team.
– Improve, don’t prove: Ask your people to improve on plans and processes, rather than prove that they can meet fixed goals or deadlines. You’ll face fewer cut corners and better long-term results.
– Connect, don’t conform: Flatten hierarchies in your organization and connect with your people to encourage them to contribute to decision-making.

Leadership Is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don’t 
By L. David Marquet
(Portfolio 2020)
Review by Jan Erola