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Going International?

Commitment, financial resources, sales and distribution channels, skills and market information to support sustained exporting activities over the longer term.
That is what you need to have a successful international business.
And, of course, you need commitment, financial resources, sales and distribution channels, skills and market information to support sustained exporting activities over the longer term.
Moreover, it is necessary to have clear idea on your competitive advantage and something interesting to offer to your international clients.

Assessment Topics

✔️  Competitive Advantage

✔️  Market Research

✔️  Distribution and Sales Channels

✔️  Financial Resources

✔️  Management Expertise

✔️  Export Strategy

Funikulaari on väsynyt keskelle Kakolanmäkeä,paikalle on matkalle elvyttäjä.Vian laadusta ei ole tietoa,toivokaamme hänelle pikaista korjausta.
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Yleisin kysymys jonka sain Tom of Finland elokuvaa käsittelevissä haastatteluissa oli:
Miltä tuntuu näytellä homoa?

Touko Laaksonen oli sotaveteraani ja maailmankuulu taiteilija. Tästä on vain 4 vuotta. Toivon ja uskon, että tänään minulta kysyttäisiin jotain ihan muuta.

Hot tips for #startups and potential #exporters . What are the biggest dangers for startups? @MikoStenman of @ConnectGenomics , interviewed by @JanErola of @MarketEntryPtr

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Market Entry Checklist #1

* Set Clear Goals

* Choose you target market(s)

* Pick your partners wisely

* Determine your target audience/clientele


Market Entry Checklist #2

* Ensure sufficient production/supply or services

* Validate your product

* Define your Target Market

*  Develop a strategy for

Market Entry Checklist #3

* Choose a pricing model for your target market(s)

* Build trust and brand awareness

* Ensure you understand local regulation and legislation


Market Entry Checklist #4

* Draft your budget and funding model for expansion
* Measure success
* Collect feedback from your customers and data on your markets

Are you ready for international business?

Commitment, financial resources, sales and distribution channels, skills and market information to support sustained exporting activities over the longer term.
That is what you need to have a successful international business.
And, of course, you need a competitive advantage, a product or service which is in demand in global markets.

Strength in the domestic market

Usually, it’s is very useful to have a solid domestic sales to form the basis of a good exporting business.
Overseas buyers usually find it reassuring if a potential supplier company has a successful domestic business. That also ensures that your business processes are in place and well tested. Developing your export markets take a lot of financial resources, so it is very helpful to have cash flow and the working capital from your domestic market.

Right resources: People and Money

You need to have the right people to run an export business. That may mean, that you will have to hire new staff.
Expanding to exporting takes strong financial resources as you will have to cover international marketing, travel, possible product modifications, legal advice with deals and documents, to mention some of the possible additional costs.

Time and commitment

More management time may be consumed to developing an international business than developing business at home. And it takes not only a deeply committed sales staff and directors.
Exporting will involve at least the management across the business.

Planning your business and exports

Formal business planning may not be that familiar, especially if you have a smaller company focused on the domestic market. However, all that will change once you start exporting. Planning is vital, if you are to move your business to a different level.

Export skills and knowledge

How do different foreign markets operate? What kind of culture clashes are expected? What kind of export documentation is needed? How long does it take to receive payments from different parts of World? How to manage foreign currency? You will need to learn about a wide range of issues in order to export successfully.

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